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By Nathalie Bufton, Head of Independent Living Skills at NCW

Blog published 10th December 2015 | Category: Archive

The Independent Living Skills staff have been thinking about what things they would like for Christmas!

Low budget - Under £10

Mrs Hood would like a Sistema Microwave Porridge Pot well designed microwave cookware from Sistema. Lots of different types soup mugs, noodle pots and microwave plates.

  • Features an easy lift handle that stays cool
  • Easy snap shut hinge lid
  • Freezer safe and dishwasher safe

Great for making your breakfast porridge in, heating up a portion of soup or baked beans for lunch, or for warming up a portion of chilli or curry for dinner. You can even take it out and about - simply snap the lid shut and close the steam vent and reheat anywhere.

Once the lid is removed, you can eat straight from the bowl, which means less washing up and no need to transfer hot food from container to plate.

Medium budget - £10 - £20

Mrs Marriot would like an Auto chop to help her prepare a range of vegetables, and chop herbs, nuts and chocolate for her Christmas preparations and the rest of the year! No more tears when chopping onions either!

Top Budget - Over £20

Mrs Williams would like a thermometer and can’ t make up her mind which one so she’s compared two in the hope of getting either one!

The RNIB probe is very simple and easy to use with a clear voice and LCD display. It costs £23.99, has been tried and tested by RNIB and is used in the ILS department.

The Apple Thermometer has more components and more features.

It costs £64.95 but you are able to leave the probe in the oven and set a timer to tell you when food is ready!

The App is accessible with all the iDevices products.

It is more expensive but you do get more features for your money.

Voucher Queen

Ms Ogolter would like an app store voucher as she is always finding new and exciting apps which she likes to trial before recommending them to the students, but she says she would spend this one on art apps, logic puzzles and text adventures.

And some Stocking Fillers

Kiddy Kutter

£10 from Lakeland

Gives a confidence to cut a range of foods safely using a sawing action with its rounded teeth, which cut ingredients but not fingers!


£12.50 from Lakeland

A simple and effective dispenser for clingfilm or foil, which can be wall-mounted or kept in a drawer. Simply pull, press and release.

i slice

£5 from Amazon

Cuts through vacuum-packed plastic packaging, bags of frozen food, tops of cheese packets and other materials. Keep to hand on the fridge door.

Insulated Mug

£6 from Amazon

Hot drinks safely on the go with no spills, and the right size to fit under the hot water dispenser.

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