Inspiring, nurturing and empowering young people with a vision impairment.

An NCW Leaver from 2018

image of the school with the focus being on a buttercup in the lawn

“I was privileged to attend New College Worcester from 2011 until 2018, having previously attended a mainstream primary school. During my years at NCW I received an outstanding and varied education, with all lessons and class structures specially designed with sight-impaired and severely sight-impaired students in mind. In addition to a flexible and comprehensive academic curriculum, the college offered a diverse programme of extracurricular activities which (as well as providing respite from academic pursuits and an outlet for students’ other interests) sought to improve student wellbeing and social confidence. There was a selection of activities to suit every student. The boarding houses and sixth form hostel (as well as regular independent living skills and mobility lessons built into the school curriculum) provided an ideal context for enhancing and practising existing life skills, and developing key new skill-sets for an independent future.

The outstanding level of secondary education (tailored to each student’s individual circumstances), and the specialist support provided to allow all students to fulfil their academic and social potential, are invaluable parts of the NCW experience. The studies I undertook at New College prepared me to excel in a higher education context, culminating in a first-class undergraduate degree from a prestigious UK university in 2021. Since then I have been working as a tax adviser with a financial services firm. My younger self in 2011 would never believe that any of this could be possible. I am constantly grateful for the experience of studying at New College and the skills I learned there. Thank you.”

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