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"All the world's a stage..."

...and so it was when the NCW Players took to the stage for an hilarious adaptation of one of William Shakespeare's best loved comedy romances, 'As You Like It'.

Forced into exile in the Forest of Arden, lovers Rosalind and Orlando become entangled in a beguiling game of love, lust and mistaken identity.

As soon as Sean took to the stage as the narrator we knew exactly what was going on - he gave us quick quips, pointed out the obvious (and not so obvious) and made sure we all knew who was the best looking and most successful brother (Oliver, also played by Sean!)

A dramatic wrestling scene brought gasps from the audience as Charles the Wrestler (played by Tobias) was defeated by our hero Orlando (played by Charlie), and a charismatic Le Beau (played by Hannah) advised he should leave with his servant, also played by Tobias.

Sean, Charlie, Tobias, Martha, India

Beautiful performances were given from India and Martha as Rosalind and Celia, running away to the forest with the unlikely clown, Touchstone. A sterling performance from Mr Snowdon, (shirt his own, apparently) brought shrieks of hilarity from the audience. It surprised no-one that Audrey (played by Meghan) fell head over heels in love with such a sophisticated chap!

Zoe and Sophia's shepherd and shepherdess added to the mix up in the forest, whilst Carys' manly snores as Jacques resonated around the stage! Luca gave us laid-back hippy Duke Senior, Andrew a wonderfully flamboyant Duke Frederick and Thomas a heavily bearded Corin.

Just when we thought it was all over, and our lovers had finally found their partners, Molly gave a powerful performance as the Messenger. Finishing with a singalong fitting with performances on Valentine's week, the audience joined in with a rousing 'It Must Be Love'.

Huge congratulations go to the whole cast for two fantastic performances and to Mrs Sidney for pulling it together in such a short amount of time. Thanks to Year 13+ student Amy for her work with the costumes and overseas volunteer Krystal for taking on Assistant Director.

Whole Cast
“When I was asked to take on the school show after only being here a few days, I felt extremely nervous! But the students have been exceptional. Their commitment and energy in rehearsals has driven us on and in a very short space of time we have managed to pull together a shortened version of the play! With a few gaps in the cast, the company have pulled together and worked extremely hard. After all, the show must go on!” Head of Drama, Nicola Sidney