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By Nathalie Bufton, Head of ILS

Blog published 21st June 2019 | Category: Supporting VI Students

After a number of years of teaching students the basics of first aid as a department in ILS, we have taken the plunge and enabled our year 10 students to be life savers!

This is an amazing opportunity for them to be able to do the right thing when it really counts. I will however, continue with the plaster challenge as it is a highlight of the term and enables us to explore the timer on our phones and work out how difficult it is to open a plaster with a cut finger.

First Aid

We have worked with Star Medic Training and have created a bespoke course, enabling our learners with their vision impairment to be accommodated.

Matt from Star Medic Training has had to rework most of his training methods to make it a kinae... read more »

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By Julie Sutterby, School Nurse

Blog published 16th May 2019 | Category: New College Worcester

Myself and NCW’s Sports Therapist, Peter Boyle, recently took a trip to Gambia during Easter Half Term. We had the wonderful opportunity to visit GOVI – The Gambia Organisation for Visually Impaired in Banjul, and meet with a number of teachers and pupils.

GOVI is a charity funded school for children with vision impairment who can attend from pre-school up to the age of 12, which is when they are then integrated back into mainstream school to complete their education.

Meeting students and staff at GOVI

With anticipation we were picked up and taken to GOVI by a man named Lamin, who works for a charity supporting the school. Upon our arrival, we were delighted to be welcomed with a traditional Gambian song, followe... read more »

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By Mr Brookes, Mathematics Teacher

Blog published 30th January 2019 | Category: Supporting VI Students

At NCW we are always looking for innovative ways to be leaders in visually impaired learning.

Here are a series of short tutorial videos showcasing different tools and techniques which can be used to assist VI students with Mathematics.

I have made them to share with colleagues, students and parents – I hope you find them useful!

Talking Scientific Calculator

We know that scientific calculators are used in classrooms all over the world and are an integral part of the Maths and Science curriculum. However, the popularity and usefulness of scientific calculators has posed a challenge for students who are visually impaired, since advanced models used in classrooms are not accessible.

... read more »

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By Mrs Price, Head of Physical Education

Blog published 13th December 2018 | Category: New College Worcester

At New College Worcester, we are always looking for new activities to get involved in, so when we heard about Table Cricket we couldn’t wait to have a go!

For young people with a disability, Table Cricket presents many social and developmental benefits, and helps players improve valuable skills whilst having fun and competing in a team! The emphasis is on teamwork and sportsmanship in an informal and enjoyable environment.

Table Cricket was originally developed by Doug Williamson in 1990, through Project Adapted at Nottingham Trent University. The game is more commonly used for young people with Cerebal Palsey, but has since been adapted to widen the inclusiveness with the support of The Lord’s Taverners – ... read more »

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By Nicki Ross, Principal

Blog published 15th May 2018 | Category: New College Worcester

It’s that time of the year again - no, no, not the build-up to the summer holiday - I mean the exam season!

For our students at NCW, that means the opportunity to demonstrate all that has been learned and a chance to show off what they know. Of course this fills some with a sense of anxiety and fear. Others will enjoy the challenge ahead.

Of course other people are available to help in the lead up to the exams. Teachers that know the curriculum and criteria can offer up hints and tips that can help make a world of difference in the exams. They can help determine key or command words in the exam questions – so students can ask class teachers or other members of the department if they can help. Students can also help yourself…

... read more »

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