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Celebrating STEM

NCW played host to a STEM Day on Wednesday 13 March, with students from Tudor Grange Academy Worcester joining for a series of hands-on activities and demonstrations!

Holding a STEM day (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is an opportunity for NCW to raise awareness among local schools about enquiry-based learning and the benefits of STEM education – as well as showing how we do things differently here!
STEM education is one of the ways in which we can help our students develop the critical skills that will prepare them for life beyond the classroom, enabling them to be tomorrow’s engineers and innovators!

On arrival, students from Tudor Grange Academy Worcester were paired up with NCW students and were sent off to lessons such as Science, IT and Braille.

In Science, our visitors wore Sim Specs and worked in their pair to practice a variety of scientific techniques as part of a starch experiment. These included using tweezers, dropping pipettes, talking thermometers and colour probes!

NCW student Ilya described: “I liked the experiment and it was a good chance to talk about the theory. It was cool to work with another student and take turns”

In IT, our visiting students were introduced to the many different VI software and devices, and were also able to experiment with using voice command to control a computer.

Students then moved on to Braille, where they could get to grips with some of the basics and try out using a Perkins machine.

And never missing an opportunity to play Goalball, NCW students Andrew and Stuart led a taster session for our visitors – teaching them how to throw the ball, how to defend and how points are scored!

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