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Heading in the right direction

This term saw the election of a new Senior Student Team (SST) ready for the new academic year in September, which will be headed up by newly elected Head Girl, Paige and Head Boy, Harvey!

Both Harvey and Paige have been students at NCW for a significant time, with Paige starting in Year 9 and Harvey in Year 7. They have both sat and listened to many Head Boy and Girl speeches through the years, but now it is their time to shine! They are both thrilled to be given the opportunity to lead the SST.

“I was thrilled to have been elected, but very surprised!”

Head Students of 2019/20, Paige and Harvey

expressed Paige.

Upon asking why he thought he had been chosen, Harvey said: “I’m quite a people person, and I’m approachable. My peers can trust me.”

How did you both feel delivering your speeches to staff and students?

Harvey explained: “We were both really nervous and anxious to stand up in front of the school and deliver our speeches, but we were nervous because we care about the school and students. We would like to make a difference.”

Paige’s election campaign focused on making sure the decisions made within school are what students really want – she will walk the walk, as well as do the talking!

Harvey is determined to make the school community more connected, and would like to see more regular school council meetings take place.

What roles and responsibilities are you looking forward to as part of your new appointments?

Paige enthused: “We are excited about doing lots more fundraising for the school, organising tours for visitors and involving the rest of our SST in decision-making – it’s important that we work as a team and share responsibilities. I feel like we will have a really strong team for this forthcoming academic year.”

How do you think becoming Head Boy and Girl will help you in the forthcoming year?

“I think it will help me particularly in overcoming my fear of public speaking, and gain overall confidence.” said Harvey. “For both of us, we will be able to practise our organisation and problem-solving skills – there are lots we can learn.”

Congratulations to Paige and Harvey, and best of luck in your new roles!

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