Inspiring, nurturing and empowering young people with a vision impairment.

Wilkommen Zoe!

Zoe, an international student from Germany who is vision impaired, visited NCW for a week of work experience – we caught up with her to find out all about it!

Zoe is originally from Cologne, Germany, and attends The Carl Strehl-Schule (CSS) in Marburg, school for young people who are blind or vision impaired. She is currently studying A Level German and Chemistry and arrived at NCW to spend a week supporting students learning German in the classroom.

What has been your favourite experience during your week of work experience?

“I have really enjoyed experiencing the classroom from a new perspective – the perspective of a teacher, and not of a student. I have been to NCW previously on an exchange visit, so it was great to come back to the school once again.”

Have you found anything challenging?

“As my mum has been with me whilst here in Worcester, the only thing I have found slightly tricky is switching between two languages – speaking German with my mum and then lots of English during my day at NCW!”

Are there any stand-out differences between NCW and CSS?

“Students at my school in Marburg don’t live on campus – we live in shared flats in the city and travel independently to school each day, so that is a big difference as the students here are already on campus and close to everything they need.

CSS is quite a lot bigger than NCW – we also have a Montessori on campus for younger children, as well as a Rehabilitation Centre.”


Are there any similarities?

“Like NCW, The Carl Strehl-Schule offers a specialist VI curriculum which includes learning how to read Braille and Independent Living Skills.”

Have you been able to experience English culture outside of school?

“As I’ve not been staying on NCW campus, I have definitely done some exploring whilst staying with my mum. We have seen some local sights such as the Cathedral, and have enjoyed lots of shopping and eating out! I have experienced some traditional English dishes such as casserole!”

NCW student Harrison recently went over to The Carl Strehl-Schule in Marburg to also undertake a week of work experience, supporting English learning students. Recalling his experience, he said: “I really loved my work experience. I was in a lot of classes for much of the time, and I’d love to go back. Students at CSS start learning two years before we do here. The skills of younger students are amazing, and most of the lessons are spoken in the target language of English. It was really impressive to see how students coped with this.”

Summing up her week, Zoe continued: “Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my experience at NCW. Everyone I have met has been lovely and very helpful. I hope to graduate this year, and would then love to study Rehabilitation; visiting families who have children with disabilities to support and help them, and show them how to continue their life on a day-to-day basis.”

Before she left, Mrs Molina, Head of Modern Foreign Languages, and Mr Lythgoe, Modern Foreign Languages Teacher, thanked Zoe for her hard work and presented her with a certificate to take away back to her hometown!

Mrs Molina congratulated: “I have much admiration for Zoe and how brave she is to come to a foreign country to integrate in to a different school. She has been so keen and willing to do anything and everything, and has been a real asset!”

It’s been great to have you here, Zoe!


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