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Land’s End to John O’Groats Virtual Challenge!

During week six of the COVID-19 Lockdown we launched an ambitious plan – The virtual #NCWChallenge where we would attempt to travel from Lands End to John O’Groats in one hour!

On Friday 1st May our whole school, their families, friends and other NCW supporters used their one hour of daily outdoor exercise to contribute towards a virtual journey from Land’s End to John O’Groats – a whopping 874 miles!

The idea was the brain child of Learning Support Assistant Miss Mann, who thought it would be a brilliant way to bring the whole community together in these challenging times of isolation.

Although NCW was running a full timetable and students attended lessons virtually as well as assemblies and tutor time – Miss Mann thought a whole school challenge might be just thing to give everyone a joint goal to work towards.

The response we had from students, staff, parents, friends and the wider NCW community was astonishing! The pledges and then the confirmation of miles achieved came flooding in, along with photos, videos and evidence from screen shots and online distance-tracking apps.

Megan in the Activities department worked out a virtual route that would take us from Cornwall via Worcester of course, and all the way up to the north of England and ultimately to Scotland. She tried to tally the route with the locations of our students’ home towns, so we could give them a virtual shout out as we passed!

Further Maths A Level student Jimmy was in charge of tallying up all of the miles and the response was overwhelming! By 7pm we had smashed our target of 874 miles with the emails, social media alerts and WhatsApp messages still flooding in!

We absolutely smashed our target! At the last count the total number of miles was 3,123!

This would have taken us from Land’s End to John O’Groats, back again, there again, and part way back! We would have ended up in Yorkshire and the closest student home would have been Tobias’!

We also could have done:

149 laps of the English Channel Swim (21 miles)
Walked the perimeter of Wales 3 times (around 1,000 miles)
Travelled to Marburg, Germany (620 miles) 5 times
Crossed the Atlantic Ocean and made it to America!

Although the activity wasn’t set up as a fundraiser, we are very grateful to those who have contributed. Anyone wishing still to do so can donate via our Support Us page.

Check out below some of the amazing pictures sent in during the day.
We have even put together a YouTube montage of some of the videos!

Mrs Hood dressed up in school uniform!
Reef and his family
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