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Over The Rainbow

Students and staff at NCW have come together during tough times to sing and record ‘Over The Rainbow’ and spread some cheer!

The idea came from Mrs Christie, Head of Music, who said:
“We have all been missing our collective music making at NCW, so I thought it would be lovely to have a music project that could bring our whole school community together whilst we are physically spread around the country.

‘Over The Rainbow’ seemed the perfect fit with the rainbow being the symbol of hope and thanks at the moment, and also a symbol for joining our NCW community closer. The response from students and staff has been amazing with everyone recording into their mobiles and sending their recordings to me. The fabulous team of peripatetic teachers recorded instrumental tracks with students and staff providing the vocals.”

Mrs Christie then single-handedly edited and mixed individual tracks to produce the performance that we are now sharing.
The video was created using some of the recent colourful and positive artwork from students and staff.

This is a great example of the NCW community pulling together!

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