Educating young people who are blind or vision impaired

Month: November 2020

NCW with computer

Virtual NCW is back (for a limited time only)!

Learning from home… Nic Ross, Principal of NCW, gives us an insight into how we have been dealing with a temporary closure and virtually educating our students. Nic Ross, Principal How are we ensuring that students are still able to learn whilst school is

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Graphic of hands in the air

Heading in the right direction!

The voices of students have always been important to the running of NCW. In past years, this has been advocated by our Head Students with the help of their Senior Student Team, but this year, we decided to change things up!

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Kathy Winnell

New Fundraising Ambassador

We are delighted to announce that Kathy Winnell has joined the NCW fundraising team as an Ambassador.  Kathy has a really strong networking background and will be helping to develop NCW’s corporate relationships. Kathy is well known in Worcester business networking circles for her

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View of NCW from above

Mobility around school

Students Jack and Victoria have been putting their all important mobility skills into practise, and have completed a great piece of work which focuses on how they each navigate their way around school and campus in a wheelchair.

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