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‘The Printed Line’ Exhibition

Students studying AS and A Level Art at NCW made a visit to local Worcester City Museum and Art Gallery to discover a variety of printing techniques!

‘The Printed Line’ exhibition featured work by Picasso, Henri Matisse and Bridget Riley to name but a few, and explored all types of print making since the beginning of the 20th Century to the present day.

The exploration of the screen printing, drypoint and fine wood cut printing were all on show from the Arts Council Collection with some added pieces from the museums own collection.

This is what one of our students said about their favourite piece;

“I went to see an exhibition called The Printed Line, about all forms of printing, in Worcester City Museum and Art Gallery on 4 November 2020. A particular highlight was the lithograph on paper in an anodised aluminium frame, The Great Bear by Simon Patterson. This is a map of the London Underground, but all the station names are changed to names of important people from many different eras. Each line is coded as something (grey is footballers, brown is engineers such as Einstein, etc). It’s called the Great Bear because the map reminds the artist of a constellation in how all the dots are joined by lines. Though I’m not sure if it will factor into my Art work or not, but it was a great experience to visit and see lots of Artist’s work.”

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