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Heading in the right direction!

Written by Sixth Form student Amy.

The voices of students have always been important to the running of NCW. In past years, this has been advocated by our Head Students with the help of their Senior Student Team, but this year, we decided to change things up!

Instead of the sole responsibility resting with the head students, there are now four student committees, each of which will focus on one main area of the school. This gives opportunity to a range of students to step up and hone in on their leadership skills, whilst making important decisions for their school community.

The Committees focus on; Care and Wellbeing, Fundraising, Premises and VI Education. Chairs and Vice Chairs for these committees are chosen from Sixth Form students, with the rest of the members being made up of students from all year groups. Chair and Vice Chair positions can choose to run for head students, who will represent the school more formally!

The Care and Wellbeing Committee is headed up by both Millie and Max and will look at the residential side of school, covering anything from activities to how the student houses are ran. There are lots of great ideas already which include greater linkage between lower and upper school.

The Fundraising Committee, ran by Haris and Jack, will work closely with NCW’s Fundraising Team on events such as Children in Need and others which help promote the school. We are looking forward to finding out what fundraising activities will be organised!

The Premises Committee focuses on the facilities and buildings on the school campus. This committee is led by Ethan and Sonali, who are already looking into ideas of how NCW can become more environmentally friendly.

Finally, the VI Education Committee is steered by Martha and Amy, and concentrates on the academic side of school. As with our other committees, there are lots of thoughts around how aspects of education could be improved such as by having a student mentoring initiative.

From these committees, five of the Chairs and Vice Chairs put themselves forward for the positions of head student; Martha, Ethan Haris, Jack and Max.
The candidates made compelling speeches as to why they should be selected, outlining their skills and the ideas which they feel could really make a difference to NCW and our community.

The votes across school were casted and counted, and it was announced that our new Head Students are Martha and Jack!

Delighted with the outcome, Martha and Jack, said: “We have lots of ideas of things we wish to amend, improve and reform, and we are looking forward to working with the committees to do the best thing possible for the entire school.”

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