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Pudsey’s Adventures

Children in Need is always a fun time at NCW with all of the effort put in to fundraising activities in order to raise money – from a two minute rowing challenge to board games and films, and a non uniform day!

However, this year Pudsey Bear decided that he wanted a holiday.
Pudsey also knew that it was part of his job to raise money for Children in Need, so he made the decision to incorporate the two by asking for a small donation from people who wished to partake in his adventure. The aim of the game was to see which students could get the most sightings of our friendly yellow bear as he travelled around his top secret NCW holiday destinations. 

Here is a summary of his adventures…

On Tuesday 10 November, Pudsey took a trip to the music department where he could hear all the wonderful music lessons filling the corridors with cheer. He decided he particularly liked Mr Painters musical theatre lessons, so he went along to play the piano and sing along with the students.

Wednesday saw Pudsey Bear visit Mr Hinds in English, where he helped the students with some their work – but shhhh don’t tell anybody! Pudsey felt so pleased to be helpful, that he thought he would quite like to take over Mr Hinds’ English lesson until it was time to move on to his next location!

On Thursday 12 November, Pudsey made his way down to Surgery so that he could help our School Nurse, Julie in administering medicine to students as well as practise his hand washing and mask wearing. 

To end the week, Pudsey paid a visit to Jon and Mick in the Care Office, where he was told to sit and do some paperwork!! Pudsey wasn’t a fan, so he moved on…

Finally, on his last day of holiday travels on Monday 16 November, Pudsey went to see Ms Emanuel in the Independent Living Skills (ILS) department. He learnt many skills such as how to pour himself a drink, make a meal (honey and marmalade sandwiches for his friends), how to do some shopping and make a bed – all very important skills for a self-sufficient bear to have. Pudsey’s favourite skill was bed making, and as a reward he decided to have a lie down… all of this adventuring was tiring!

Pudsey was very sad to find out that his adventures were over and it was time to go back home. Pudsey enjoyed each of his destinations at NCW and hopes that he can have another trip again soon so that he can visit some more departments and learn even more new skills!

Written by Amy, Sixth Form Student
Student Amy
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