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Deck the corridors!

With the need to spread Christmas cheer throughout school more than ever this year, Art Teacher, Mrs Kings, launched a competition for students and staff from all departments to create their own Christmas wreath!

With no specific theme for the wreaths, students and staff had no limit as to how far they could go! The only criteria was that the entries should be created from recyclable materials where possible, and must not be shop bought!

Never shy of making Christmas decorations, NCW students and staff got busy cobbling together what they could find.
We have always gotten crafty during Christmas time, and in previous years have made pompom decorations, pine cone owls and Braille tactile cards. These are normally used to hang on our NCW Christmas tree which is displayed in the Worcester Cathedral cloisters – however this year has been a little different with the restrictions in place.

This year it has been great to see so many departments, houses, individuals, year groups and forms getting involved and thinking outside of the box for their Christmas wreath. We have had a COVID related wreath complete with a vaccine administering Elf, a grumpy Grinch, as well as one made from lots of emotive drama masks! Materials have included toilet seats, canes, Braille, orange peel and CDs to name just a few.

The wreaths have been hung and the judging has commenced! Entries were judged on imagination, creativity and resourcefulness.

After much deliberation, Year 9’s ‘What got us through lockdown’ wreath was crowned the overall winner of the competition!
ILS’s toilet roll wreath and Peggy’s ‘Lost Sock’ wreath were praised for their comedy value, and MFL were also commended for their tactile wreath wishing us all a Merry Christmas in lots of languages.

Well done to all who participated, and a big thank you to Miss Haywood who came up with the idea – what a joyful way to end this term!

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