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We are delighted to be trialling the latest cane technology by WeWalk, an organisation founded by graduates who are transforming VI aids through Artificial Intelligence technology.

WeWalk’s Smart Cane comprises of an attachment which fits on top of any white cane and uses built-in sensors, touchpad and voice interface to enable the user to detect above-ground obstacles such as lowered ceiling heights. The intuitive sensors warn the user with a vibration and keeps the individual safe!
The Smart Cane can also be paired via Bluetooth to a smart phone, granting access to a host of mobility services including integrated apps such as Google Maps. In effect the Smart Cane talks to the individual guiding them to their chosen destination based on the preset location set on the user’s smart phone. It also has the ability to highlight to the user public transport options and give descriptions of what shops are being passed. This is an excellent aid for mobility, orientation and allowing people who are blind or vision impaired to be independent.

Some of our students had the chance to use the WeWalk Smart Cane and thought it was a “cool piece of kit!”. We are excited to be working with the developers of WeWalk and can’t wait to see what other innovative products they produce!

Student stood with interactive cane outside school
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