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Thrill seeking student Seb jumps for NCW!

NCW’s Fundraising Team have organised a charity skydive from a whopping 10,000 feet, and at a speed of 120 miles per hour, which will take place next month.

The event on Sunday 13 June will help raise funds for students at NCW, and with fully qualified instructors leading the jump, it will be one of excitement and exhilaration! 

The skydive is open to anyone wanting to take on a challenge, and it has already seen staff and supporters of the school sign up.

One person who can’t wait to throw himself out of a plane is Sixth Form student Seb! 
Seb is 17 and started at NCW in September 2020. He has never done a skydive before and is eager to take on the challenge, even commenting “can it be any sooner?!”.

Speaking about his reasons to commit to the jump, Seb said: “Some teachers had previously done the skydive and it seemed like fun and a good challenge. My mum has done skydives before, and so it seems like the perfect adventure for me to try, particularly as I’m not scared of heights.

I think renovations are a crucial part of what the money raised needs to be spent on – with things like paintwork, washers and dryers, equipment for the youth club and communal areas in the houses such as a games console or a pool table.”

We are really looking forward to the event, and are grateful to everyone involved. Good luck to Seb and all other jumping participants! 

For more information about the skydive, visit the event page

Student Seb
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