Educating young people who are blind or vision impaired

Month: November 2021

Merry Christmas card for NCW

Donations in lieu of Christmas cards

Not so keen on sending Christmas cards this year? Why not make a donation to the College in lieu of spending money on cards and postage? Please click the link below.  https://www.ncw.co.uk/support-us/birthday-christmas-cards-and-wedding-donations-in-lieu-of-gifts/ We have a digital image and Facebook post that you can share to family

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12 days of giving promo image

New College Worcester needs your votes

The wonderful people at Ecclesiastical Insurance are giving 120 charities, across the country the opportunity to win £1000 each in their yearly campaign ’12 days of giving.’ It goes without saying, that we would really like New College Worcester to be in with a

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picture of lottery number numbers

NCW is now part of Worcester Community Lottery

Would you like the opportunity to win £25000 each week whilst supporting New College Worcester? Our amazing Parent Fundraising Forum suggested that we join a lottery to raise funds for the College. So, we listened and we are now part of Worcester Community Lottery.

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View of students along with choir mid-song in the church

“A musical opportunity of a lifetime!”

On Saturday 6 November, myself and four other students received what was for most of us an opportunity of a lifetime – to sing in Handel’s ‘Messiah’ with an adult choir; Wolverhampton Chamber Choir, professional soloists and accompanied by a live professional orchestra; The Salomon Ensemble.

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Adult male from Hable with female VI student exploring the different braille displays

An afternoon of accessibility for students

On Thursday 11 November, students at NCW had the opportunity to experience an afternoon all about accessibility. With organisations such as RNIB and Great Western Rail at the event, students were able to talk to a variety of professionals and explore a variety of different accessible products. 

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Posed photo of all VI students (three male and one female) smiling at the camera in front of the large purple Cadbury World sign

Chocolate Heaven!

On Monday 8 November, students DJ, Rahel, Toby and Corey, along with a group of (just as excited) NCW staff boarded the minibus to ‘Chocolate Heaven’ – aka Cadbury World.

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Students on Google Meet with international peers from Erasmus project

Adios and Na Razie

This term we have been writing the final reports for the Erasmus project which has linked us to five schools across Europe for the last three years. Erasmus is the EU-funded project which is all about getting people to travel and share ideas and

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Birds-eye view of University of Gloucestershire

Amy’s University Lowdown!

Every student who wants to go to university has to go through the same process when considering where they want to go and what course they want to study. When you have a disability, this process can be made even more complicated – you have to consider various different aspects to get the best out of the opportunities available.

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