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With Halloween being a popular time of year for many of our students, it was only right that the NCW Art Department launched a themed competition for over the half term holidays! 

Mrs Kings, Head of Art, set students and staff alike the task of getting creative with the theme of pumpkins! Entrees could be carved pumpkins, a short story or poem or a pumpkin made out of any material – Lego, fabric, food(!).. the possibilities were quite endless.

It was great to see students and staff getting involved over the Autumn half term, and here are some of their creations!

Pumpkin Poem by Len

I’m a little pumpkin.

I’m a vegetable of fun.

I know there’s more like me.

But I’m the funny one.

I get picked for Halloween because you can carve me out.

Put a candle in me and you will scream and shout.

Ghostie McGhost Face by Mrs Phillips

T’was the end of October
And all round the school
The rooms were deserted
Except for a ghoul

Haunting the art room
Ghostly and pale
A figure was hunched
and it gives out a wail

“My pumpkin! My pumpkin’!
I left it in here!
I’ve come collect it
And stay virus clear”

But someone had beaten
Mrs Kings to her craft
The real ghost of the artroom
Wasn’t so daft

Ghostie McGhost Face
Hid in the kiln room
Frantically carving
Deep in the gloom

And poor Mrs Kings
Went home to her flat
Nothing else for it
But to needlefelt a bat.

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