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Chocolate Heaven!

A report by DJ and Rahel

On Monday 8 November, students DJ, Rahel, Toby and Corey, along with a group of (just as excited) NCW staff boarded the minibus to ‘Chocolate Heaven’ – aka Cadbury World.

We planned this trip to Cadbury World with NCW Activities Co-ordinator, Megan, so that we could learn how to organise a school trip as part of our Thematics study. There are lots of things to such as; risk assessments, asking permission and arranging transport!

We first researched the website to see if it was accessible for wheelchair users, to find out admission prices, where Cadbury World is and how long it would take to get there.

We were so excited to go as we had never been before and.. well, who doesn’t like chocolate!?

The Cadbury shop reminded us of a chocolate maze! There were boxes of Freddos, Curly Wurlies, giant chocolate buttons, Advent Calendars, chocolates in mugs, chocolate cups, chocolate mis-shapes, shoes, Santas.. there were even chocolate footballs. It was truly a paradise for a chocoholic. Of course we spent lots of time in the shop, choosing things to buy.

Next stop after the shop was the 4D cinema, which was absolutely brilliant!  Inside, there were roller coaster chairs that moved really fast with the film so it felt like we were really experiencing what was going on.

At lunchtime, we bought a hot chocolate with cream, marshmallows, a flake AND a Freddo! It was huge and tasted AMAZING!

On the tour of the factory, we got to play with some melted chocolate and make decorations on a table. DJ drew a picture of Rahel, and Rahel wrote her name in print and braille! We also looked at the moulds that are used to make different shaped chocolates.

Towards the end of the tour, there were lots of interactive games for us to play, such as growing your own cocoa plant.

It was a choc-tastic day out and we would love to go again!

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