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Local Graphic Artist Rob Draper visits NCW

Worcestershire has a wealth of talented artists, all from different backgrounds and specialising in different art disciplines. We are lucky to be able to build great working relationships with local artists and give NCW students different creative opportunities.

We invited local Graphic Artist Rob Draper to NCW to show and talk about his work, and offer any advice to our year 12 and 13 students studying AS and A Level art.

Rob specialises in hand lettering for branding and identity, editorial, large scale works, retail and apparel – he has worked with some global clients!

It was great to have Rob in to spend time with students explaining about his background and training, how lockdown affected his work and how Instagram promoted some aspects of his graphic art. The use of materials that we would normally throw away or find in the recycling bin used to create pieces of amazing graphic art encapsulated what lockdown was like for us all.

Rob went on to look at the work Year 12 and 13 are currently doing, offering snippets of advice here and there. The students really valued his visit and will be using him as one of their artists in focus. Rob enjoyed his morning with us and has invited himself back in the New Year to see how the students work has progressed.

To see more of Rob’s work, visit www.robdraper.co.uk 

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