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Optelec showcase new technology to NCW students

On Tuesday 11 January, visitors from Optelec showcased a handful of new low vision magnification products for people who have a vision impairment!

Many NCW students are lovers of technology. As part of the NCW curriculum, students learn how use a range of different speech software to suit their differing experience and preferences. A visit from Optelec presented a brilliant opportunity for students to test and give their first impressions on products such as the OrCam READ, DaVinci Pro and Optelec tablets.

The OrCam READ is able to take a photograph of a piece of text and read it back to the user, whilst the tablet products act as a magnifier so that much larger print can be read on screen.

Students Amelie and Tom particularly enjoyed trying out the DaVinci Pro which magnifies on a much larger scale both photos and in live mode!

For more information on Optelec products, visit the Optelec online products shop.

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