Educating young people who are blind or vision impaired

Month: March 2022

image is of the Peak District Hills. The grass is very green and lush. The sky is dramatic with lots of clouds. There are rays of sunshine coming through the clouds.

The Peak Trek

Peak District Trek – Saturday the 9th of July Take part in the Peak District Trek and explore one of the UK’s most stunning National Parks. The Peak District National Park is home to incredible scenery and more than lives up to its reputation as

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image of two people Skydiving

Staff take the plunge for NCW

The Fundraising Team have been working their magic and two members of staff have agreed to do a Tandem Skydive for NCW. Meet the very brave Mr Marnell and Miss Taylor.  They will experience an exhilarating free-fall from 10,000ft at speeds of up to 120mph

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image of the three children. They are wearing orange NCW t shirts and smiling at the camera

Xavier, Martha and Raphael’s Blindfold Mile

On Saturday, these three Fundraising Superheroes Xavier, Martha and Raphaël took on the challenge of ‘The Blindfold Mile.’ Starting from the fountains by the Quay in Worcester, they walked a mile blindfolded along the river. Guided by family and friends, they navigated steps, footbridges

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image of lots of coins. Some silver some copper

The Copper Mile

As part of ‘Eye Care We Care’ the Student Fundraising Group at NCW are arranging a ‘Copper Mile.’ Please bring in any coins that you wish to donate to Reception by the 9th of May. At lunch time on the 9th of May the group are going to

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small sapling growing from pot of money

Regular Giving Video

We are very fortunate to have Regular Givers that make a donation to the College each month. This is a marvellous help to the College and helps us to plan ahead. We have created a Regular Giving video which explains a little bit more

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View of the cast on stage

We Will Rock You!

For the last few months, the corridors of school at NCW have been filled with the sound of rock music and singing – it could only be the rehearsals for the We Will Rock You school production! 

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image of lots of colourful balloons

Virtual Balloon Race

One of the marvellous parents at the Parent Fundraising Forum suggested a Virtual Balloon Race and we think this is a fantastic idea! Our first virtual race, run by Eco Racing, will be the Mental Health Awareness race on the 15th of May. This exciting

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