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We Will Rock You!

For the last few months, the corridors of school at NCW have been filled with the sound of rock music and singing – it could only be the rehearsals for the We Will Rock You school production! 

Staff and students involved in this year’s exciting production have been rehearsing relentlessly, and finally presented their hard work to the school community and parents on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th March.

We Will Rock You tells the story of a globalised future where the world doesn’t have music. A group of rock rebels, The Bohemians, fight against the all-powerful global company Globalsoft ran by the Killer Queen. The Bohemians fight for freedom, individuality and the rebirth of rock. Scaramouche and Galileo, two young outsiders, join the bohemians in their quest to find freedom, love and rock.

Sixth Form student Amy describes how it felt to watch this year’s show;

The sounds of chatter fill the darkness of the Chapel as people find their seats. Staff and students wait with anticipation as they prepare to watch this year’s production of We Will Rock You. Spotlights turn on, illuminating the stage where our very own NCW actors and singers are prepared to show all of the hard work and practise they have put into the performance. Music starts to play and silence descends as the performance begins.

Narration leads the way between songs, paving out the storyline to the audience that defines the characters and the situation they were in. The audience were engaged and awed from the opening, connecting with the characters and feeling apart of the show! It was really exciting to be able to see all of the new talent that the show brought, as well as returning faces in different roles and some roles that were a new experience for the actors themselves to play.

Well done everyone! Thank you to everyone who has supported the production!

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