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Xavier, Martha and Raphael’s Blindfold Mile

On Saturday, these three Fundraising Superheroes Xavier, Martha and Raphaël took on the challenge of ‘The Blindfold Mile.’

Starting from the fountains by the Quay in Worcester, they walked a mile blindfolded along the river. Guided by family and friends, they navigated steps, footbridges and obstacles.

They surprised themselves with their listening skills and were able to identify the sounds the scooters, bikes, mobility scooter, babies laugh and even the sounds of people enjoying the sun in Beer Gardens.

They could tell in which direction the sun was shining and even noted the change of surfaces under their feet.

When the blindfolds came off, they were amazing at how bright everything was. Most importantly for a short period of time, they allowed themselves to experience some of the challenges that blind and partially sighted people overcome each day.

Between them they have raised over £345 to date. Well done Xavier, Martha and Raphaël! An absolute triumph!

If you would like to take on the challenge of ‘The Blindfold Mile’ please click here.  or contact Lottie [email protected] 01905 763933

image of the three children. They are wearing orange NCW t shirts and smiling at the camera
image of Marth, sat on a bench with a blindfold on
image of the children holding an NCW banner. they are wearing orange T shirts
picture of a child doing the blindfold mile. They are wearing an orange ncw tshirt and a black sleep mask
image of Xavier being guided by an adult. They are walking along a path by the river.
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