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NCW Quiz 12th June 7.30pm

Welcome to the 1st NCW Quiz! 

Looking for something to do on a Sunday evening? Bored of watching the same TV? Then why not join us online on Sunday the 12th of June at 7.30pm and test your trivia knowledge.

Challenge your friends, family and colleagues to join in and see if any of you can take away the cash prize!

There are cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Event duration approximately 20 minutes.

1st place wins 10% of funds raised from players registrations, 2nd place wins 6%, 3rd place wins 4%.  New College Worcester will receive 60% of the pot.

The more people who enter the higher the prize fund and the higher the amount raised for NCW.

Registration is required but takes less than a minute.

Best of luck!

Please click here to register.  

image of a black board with 'QUIZ' in chalk. There are lights shining down on to the text and the white NCW logo in the left corner
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