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Great GCSEs!

The NCW students who worked hard towards their GCSE exams have undoubtedly earned the success they have achieved this year.  As always at GCSE, the grades reflect the effort, hard work and determination of the students and this year is no exception.  

All of our students have done very well indeed and are to be congratulated on their excellent results.  Ten students have completed their GCSEs in year 11 and all are staying on at NCW next year.  All of them are able to continue on their chosen pathway. 

The ‘new’ grading system means that a grade 4 and 5 equates to an old C, a 6 is a B, a 7 is A, an 8 is A* and a 9 is A** – awarded to just 2% of the population. 

Lydia gained 5 grade 9s, a grade 8 and a grade 5. Lydia is going on to study English Literature, Psychology and Music performance. 

Daniel achieved 1 grade 9, 2 grade 8s, 4 grade 6s and 2 grade 5s.  Daniel is going on to study Computer Science, Music Technology and German. 

Lily joined us in September, having had almost 2 years out of school.  Lily gained 3 grade 6s and 2 grade 4s. 

Isy gained a grade 8 in Music and Carys did extremely well to achieve 4 grade 4s and above. 

Very well done to all of our GCSE students! 

As ever, the staff at NCW have worked very hard to support the students to gain the best grades possible.  A particular mention to the Music Team who gained 9,9,8,8. 

Carys, Klara, Daniel, Keira, Rico, Lydia, Fin, Lily, Isy
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