Inspiring, nurturing and empowering young people with a vision impairment.

An expressive art collaboration in Canada

Before the end of last term, the NCW Art Department were invited by VI charity VICTA to take part in an exciting, international Braille art project.

The project is in collaboration with CNIB – a likeminded charity in Canada working to support those with a vision impairment, and focuses on what the word ‘Self’ means to individuals.

Creative Year 8 NCW students were delighted to take part in the project, and set to work straight away by discussing with their peers what ‘Self’ means to them and what makes them each individual young people.

Student George, exclaimed: “Self is what makes you, you!”.

With a collection of ideas ranging from self portraits, musical instruments, animals and fond memories, students created their own interpretations using tactile materials such as corrugated card, string, Braille, swell paper and Wikki Stix!
These were then combined and transferred onto a large piece of material to create an expressive, colourful tactile hanging. 

This piece of art has now been sent off to CNIB in Canada, where they will be adding their own contributions of some evocative poetry and displaying the piece before returning it to England to be displayed here!

Well done to the students who were involved!

We can’t wait to see the completed artwork, and we are looking forward to further developing working relationships with CNIB.

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