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“Please sir, may I have some more?”

A silhouette of a boy leaping in the grass with the words Lionel Bart's Oliver!
Photo taken towards the stage during a rehearsal, there are 4 people in costume singing

Lionel Bart's Oliver!

The Musical Theatre Group have recently put on an outstanding production of “Oliver!” Based on the 1838 novel “Oliver Twist”, by Charles Dickens, Lionel Bart’s Oliver! tells us the story of orphan Oliver, who has been growing up in a workhouse in Victorian England. On escaping workhouse life, he finds himself amongst a group of petty thieves and pickpockets and so begins a whirlwind adventure with lovable rogue the Artful Dodger under the watchful eye of small crime mastermind Fagin. Will young Oliver steer clear of the long arms of the law and find the love of a family he deserves?

After months of rehearsals, the sell out show was an outstanding success and ended in a standing ovation with multiple encores! The audience left on high spirits singing all the famous songs with lots of “oom pah pahs” to be heard in the corridors!

Reviews from the show included:

“It was wonderful! Thank you so much to all the staff who were involved . The children loved it too! So special!”

“It was absolutely fantastic! Thank you to all the musical staff who work so hard to support this group of amazingly talented and incredibly musical young people. This is what makes NCW so special.”

“It was a triumph- intimate, moving, with incredible performances. Huge congratulations to all involved, NCW at its best.”

All NCW students and staff were invited to the dress rehearsal. When Mr Farr (Vice Principal) asked how one student found the show the response was, “Didn’t you see my face Sir? I was smiling so much throughout it all that my face was aching by the end but I just loved it”.

If you would like to see the on line programme and find out about the show please click here.   

Well done to everyone involved, both students, staff and parents/carers who supported the students in more ways than one. 

We look forward to seeing what show the Musical Theatre Group take on next!

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