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By Phil Brookes, Teacher of Mathematics

Blog published 7th November 2017 | Category: Supporting VI Students

When they first come to NCW some students are unable to draw a line of a specific length using a ruler because they’ve simply never done it before. Over a number of years here at NCW, we have developed a logical and mechanical process for drawing lines and angles in Mathematics using plastic embossing film (German Film), a geometry mat and what, at NCW, we call a dead pen (a pen with no ink).

I have made these videos to share with colleagues, parents and students – they show how to draw a line freehand, how to draw a line using a ruler and how to draw an angle using a protractor.

I hope you find them useful!

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By Nicki Ross, Principal

Blog published 16th October 2017 | Category: New College Worcester

Some of you may have caught our students talking eloquently and confidently about technology on the ‘In Touch’ programme a couple of weeks ago. They were interviewed about their use of technology as part of the opening of our Innovation Hub. This is a classroom which has been fully equipped with state of the art technology, designed to encourage staff and students alike to explore creative ways of using technology as a learning tool. We are grateful to Fujitsu and partners for sponsoring the Innovation Hub.

As well as the Innovation Hub, we have also welcomed three technology companies to NCW this term, to demonstrate what new products are on the market for VI learners. It has been wonderful to hear the calls of ‘are we really goi... read more »

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By Rosie Barter, Head of Religious Education and ASDAN

Blog published 10th October 2017 | Category: New College Worcester

As part of their year 2 curriculum looking at Louis Braille and visual impairment I was invited to spend some time with the three classes of year 2 pupils at St James's Roman Catholic Primary School in Twickenham. I designed three sessions to give them an idea of how our students work, play and get about.

The first session started with an introduction to our College, what visual impairment really means and the pupils had an opportunity to think about all of their senses. We then focused on the Braille code. Some pupils picked up the grade 1 code very quickly and were working out coded messages I gave them whilst other tried out brailling the alphabet. Despite little fingers, they all had some Braille to take home and all of them enjoyed ... read more »

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By Nicki Ross, Principal

Blog published 19th September 2017 | Category: New College Worcester

Principal’s Blog - Autumn 2017

I am now in my third term as Principal at New College Worcester, and every single day brings with it fresh challenges, new successes and great excitement. As we enter a new academic year with a fresh faced Year 7 and other new starters around the College, it seems opportune to share some of my thoughts.

A main priority for this year is that all our students make progress in their learning and that we accurately measure that progress. Many of our wonderful students have had huge challenges to overcome before they reach NCW. Many have missed schooling due to ill health or fallen behind as they struggle to find a medium of work that is manageable. Each child is an individual and we a... read more »

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By Nathalie Bufton, Head of Independent Living Skills at NCW

Blog published 18th May 2017 | Category: Supporting VI Students

Here at NCW we offer all students an extended core curriculum timetable. This means that assistive technology, Braille, emotional and social support, ILS and mobility are timetabled lessons for students. At NCW we value the importance of developing these skills - they underpin the educational package the college offers. Staff support the students’ individual needs and work on ensuring that each student learns how to use their functional vision, perfects technics with low vision aids and uses a range of tools to access lessons.Specialist staff help guide and develop personalised strategies and lessons which apply and expand student skills within a safe, supported environment. It is crucial that the students want to practise these skills an... read more »

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