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Supporting VI Students

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By Mr Brookes, Mathematics Teacher

Blog published 30th January 2019 | Category: Supporting VI Students

At NCW we are always looking for innovative ways to be leaders in visually impaired learning.

Here are a series of short tutorial videos showcasing different tools and techniques which can be used to assist VI students with Mathematics.

I have made them to share with colleagues, students and parents – I hope you find them useful!

Talking Scientific Calculator

We know that scientific calculators are used in classrooms all over the world and are an integral part of the Maths and Science curriculum. However, the popularity and usefulness of scientific calculators has posed a challenge for students who are visually impaired, since advanced models used in classrooms are not accessible.

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By Jeanette Normanton Erry, Head of History

Blog published 21st January 2018 | Category: Supporting VI Students

NCW is currently involved in an Erasmus Plus project which is aimed at helping a mainstream school in Istanbul in Turkey to improve their provision for their students with a vision impairment who are aiming at university entrance. Also involved are the Special Theoretical High School IRIS from Timisoara in Romania. Mr Brookes, Mr Stark and I spent three days in Timisoara last week, linking up with the Turkish group, visiting lessons and sharing modifications we make for our students.

We were given traditional welcome by students in costume who asked us to take some bread and dip it in salt. We were able to visit a range of lessons, seeing their students working on Vectors with a Smart board as well as in Physics, Biology, PE, Music a... read more »

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By Nathalie Bufton, Head of Independent Living Skills at NCW

Blog published 12th December 2017 | Category: Supporting VI Students

As with any household, occasionally our appliances at NCW stop working and we need to make an informed decision about what we will buy to replace them.

Recently our department vacuum cleaner had to be replaced. Cleaning is a skill we teach students at NCW in their journey to independence, and effective vacuum cleaning is one of those tasks that many people take for granted.

As a team, we decided that a cordless vacuum was a good idea for trip-free cleaning. We also considered noise sensitivity and knew we needed something light and manoeuvrable. After some research checking specifications and reviews we decided on a GTech AirRam, a high performance model which is quiet, cordless and effective on different floor surfaces. It is rep... read more »

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By Nathalie Bufton, Head of Independent Living Skills at NCW

Blog published 19th November 2017 | Category: Supporting VI Students

At the start of the year, the NCW Independent Living Skills Department has a skills focus week, where students are individually set a challenge to try to master a skill that has previously evaded them.

A recurring skill deficit which crops up every year is that tricky task of tying shoelaces. Without exception, this is a challenge for any child because it demands fine motor skills. Nowadays, young people can get by for many years without learning this task because there is such a wide range of shoes available with alternative fastenings. Most teaching resorts to the traditional the ‘Bunny’ technique (round the tree and into the hole) but at NCW we have developed a different technique which is easier to manage and understand for a chi... read more »

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By Phil Brookes, Teacher of Mathematics

Blog published 7th November 2017 | Category: Supporting VI Students

When they first come to NCW some students are unable to draw a line of a specific length using a ruler because they’ve simply never done it before. Over a number of years here at NCW, we have developed a logical and mechanical process for drawing lines and angles in Mathematics using plastic embossing film (German Film), a geometry mat and what, at NCW, we call a dead pen (a pen with no ink).

I have made these videos to share with colleagues, parents and students – they show how to draw a line freehand, how to draw a line using a ruler and how to draw an angle using a protractor.

I hope you find them useful!

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