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To help celebrate the 150th Anniversary of New College Worcester, former student Dr Norman Waddington has created a 2016 diary in a series of files in word format which are of interest and easily accessible for the visually impaired community all over the world.

Dr Waddington attended the Worcester College for the Blind before it was renamed New College Worcester and is sure that without the school he would never have been educated at secondary level and would certainly never have become a Doctor of Biodiversity Science and Clinical Animal Behaviour.

The Diary incorporates daily sunset and sunrise, moon phases, a Recipe of the Month list and a list of all Worcester College for the Blind and New College Worcester Headmasters and Headmistresses over the years. With the help of many former students and College staff, the diary also features some information on significant events that took place or are taking place at the College.

Diary picture

To obtain a copy of the diary, please email Dr Waddington, and any donation to New College Worcester will be gratefully received by emailing Anne Priestley at New College Worcester, telephoning 01905 763933 or by donating online via the website.

Excerpt from the diary:


Hymn for the Month: ‘Morning has broken, like the first morning’

Friday, 01/01/16 New Years Day

Sunrise 08:17, sunset 16:07.

Saturday, 02/01/16 Public Holiday (Scotland)

Sunrise 08:17, sunset 16:08.

05:30 Moon Last Quarter

Sunday, 03/01/16

Sunrise 08:17, sunset 16:09.

Monday, 04/01/16 Bank Holiday (Scotland)

Sunrise 08:17, sunset 16:10.

Tuesday, 05/01/16 Twelfth Night

Sunrise 08:16, sunset 16:11.

Wednesday, 06/01/16 Epiphany

Sunrise 08:16, sunset 16:12.

Thursday, 07/01/16

Sunrise 08:16, sunset 16:14.