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After studying different types of sound waves in Physics class, a group of Year 9 students put their learning in to practice and were able to experiment with the reflection of sound on a visit to Clearwell Caves.

The caves exploit over 4,000 years of mining history, and present many impressive caverns created by iron miners.

As part of the students’ trip, they each used a tactile map to help them orienteer independently around part of the cave whilst a large audio speaker played a bass note.

Students were then able to experiment with the sound becoming quieter and louder when moving around, and marking their map with pins to try and identify a pattern.

Asher, Year 9 student, concluded: “We worked out that by being closer to the cave walls, the sound was much more amplified. It was a really fun experience, but informative too.”

Students also had a tour of the main cave, and explored the passageways which were set up to imitate the echolocation of bats – where echoes are used to locate and identify objects!