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Computing and ICT

Head of Department: Mr Jonathan Fogg


The Computing and ICT department aims to give students the essential skills in Computing and ICT to prepare them for successful independent living within and beyond New College Worcester.

Computing and ICT Collage

The department also prepares students for national exams using teaching methods adapted to give visually impaired students full access to all areas of the Computing and ICT curriculum, which are:


Systems Architecture

  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Wired and wireless networks
  • Network topologies, protocols and layers
  • System security
  • System software
  • Ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns

Computational thinking, Algorithms & Programming

  • Algorithms
  • Programming techniques
  • Producing robust programs
  • Computational logic
  • Translators and facilities of languages
  • Data representation


  • Accessibility and Healthy use of ICT
  • ICT Equipment and File Management
  • Productivity
  • Email and Communication
  • Internet and E-Safety

In addition to these we provide a personalised program of IT support to ensure all students are able to access the wider college curriculum using appropriate IT equipment.

Examples of Adaptations for Visually Impaired Students

  • Support and training in wide range of accessibility software including: Jaws, SuperNova, NVDA, VoiceOver, ChromeVox, Window Eyes
  • Support and training in a wide range of hardware devices including: iOS, Windows OS, Apple OS, BrailleNotes, refreshable braille displays
  • Materials provided in appropriate formats including: Electronic, Braille, print, tactile diagrams


The courses followed in Computing and ICT are as follows:

Years 7 – 9

Personalised programme to support students develop independent ICT skills and enable them to access the wider college curriculum

Years 10 to 11

OCR - Computer Science GCSE (9-1) - J276

Years 12 to 13+

OCR - Computer Science – A level H446