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Customer Service

Head of Department: Mr Stuart Snowdon


This is a work based qualification aimed at helping students understand and appreciate what can be involved at a place of work. It also gives students skills that they can transfer to any number of different workplaces. As part of the course they will be expected to work on reception at school and be involved when people come from outside to take part in training opportunities the school offers.

Customer Service Collage


There are 6 units to complete for the full certificate but credits are gained for each unit completed complete.

There is no exam for this course, the students pass by meeting certain criteria while in the workplace. There is classroom input were they learn about customer service and all the different things mentioned above. Students take the knowledge gained and apply it in the workplace showing that they can deal with a variety of different customers via a number of different mediums.

Over the duration of the course students collate a portfolio of work undertaken in the classroom and also a diary and reflections of their time in the workplace.