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By Jeanette Normanton Erry, Head of History

Blog published 21st January 2018 | Category: Supporting VI Students

NCW is currently involved in an Erasmus Plus project which is aimed at helping a mainstream school in Istanbul in Turkey to improve their provision for their students with a vision impairment who are aiming at university entrance. Also involved are the Special Theoretical High School IRIS from Timisoara in Romania. Mr Brookes, Mr Stark and I spent three days in Timisoara last week, linking up with the Turkish group, visiting lessons and sharing modifications we make for our students.

We were given traditional welcome by students in costume who asked us to take some bread and dip it in salt. We were able to visit a range of lessons, seeing their students working on Vectors with a Smart board as well as in Physics, Biology, PE, Music and Languages. We enjoyed seeing the engagement of the students with their lessons, and their pleasure in practising their English.

Erasmus Plus projects are also about sharing cultural experiences, and, as a History teacher, I enjoyed seeing some of the large squares and some of the impressive buildings from the late eighteenth century days of the Habsburg empire, as well as appreciating the significance of the memorials to the students involved in the start of the demonstrations which were to overthrow the Communist dictatorship of Ceausescu. We all really enjoyed going along to a concert given by the Philharmonic Orchestra based in Timisoara. Also, we spent a pleasant afternoon at a concert at the IRIS school based around the Romanian poet Eminescu. A student began by playing the panpipes, and other students sang and we saw traditional dances in costume. This was followed by some folk music performed by two Turkish students with a member of staff.

Multumesc to our Romanian hosts, and we look forward to seeing them and the Turkish teachers at NCW in June.

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