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Online Course

Don’t be Afraid of the Keyboard

A FREE online webinar via Google Meet.

The session will focus on becoming a proficient keyboard user.


Mice, trackpads and touchscreens are all very good if you can see, but they don’t half slow you down. Honest! In this exciting presentation (or rant about people who don’t know any keyboard shortcuts), you won’t be one of them anymore! We will cover what the buttons on your keyboard actually do, even if you’ve never pressed them, and what happens if you hold some down whilst hitting others.

You’ll get handouts covering shortcuts that work whether you use screen reading technology or not, and leave having the secrets of the computer keyboard demystified.

A link will be sent to delegates the day before the event with instructions on how to access the training.

 We welcome questions in advance but there will also be the opportunity to ask questions throughout, via the ‘Chat’ function of Meet.

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Wed - 17 Jan 24


3:30 pm - 5:00 pm




Jeanette Normanton Erry
[email protected]
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