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By Nicki Ross, Principal

Blog published 15th May 2018 | Category: New College Worcester

It’s that time of the year again - no, no, not the build-up to the summer holiday - I mean the exam season!

For our students at NCW, that means the opportunity to demonstrate all that has been learned and a chance to show off what they know. Of course this fills some with a sense of anxiety and fear. Others will enjoy the challenge ahead.

Of course other people are available to help in the lead up to the exams. Teachers that know the curriculum and criteria can offer up hints and tips that can help make a world of difference in the exams. They can help determine key or command words in the exam questions – so students can ask class teachers or other members of the department if they can help. Students can also help yourself…

The current generation is lucky – we had no internet in our day – the on-line revision sites are helpful and a genuine aid but the individual and the desire to succeed are definitely in the equation… for consciences to rest easily at night students must apply themselves to the all-important notion of revision. Revision sites allow students to balance what they really need to focus on and what they are confident to leave to a light touch. Not forgetting, of course, the revision sessions offered by NCW teachers and the Learning Support team after school and at lunchtime. Ultimately, though, the onus is on the individual to apply themselves, organise themselves and make the best use of their time. Making a revision timetable is a great way to structure time and energies – and it’s never too late to do that.

At NCW, although we know that revision is important, so is having some down time in the youth club, choosing an outfit for the Leavers Dinner, playing Goalball, going out on a tandem or training in the multigym, Fit4Purpose. After all we can't wait to see our students lifting their metaphoric trophies in August and feeling that they have given it their very, very best.

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