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News > Famous Author Celebrates Launch of New Book

Students were very excited when Marcus Sedgwick, the award winning children’s author, celebrated the launch of his new book this week, which was inspired by students at the College.

Marcus joined the students to celebrate the launch of ‘She Is Not Invisible’ a book whose main character, Laureth, is blind. Students had a celebration lunch with Marcus and a group discussion about the book in support of the ‘Read for RNIB Day’ fundraising campaign.

Marcus spent several months researching the character of Laureth with students from the College to understand their experiences of being blind, as student Jasmine explained:

“Marcus asked us lots of very interesting questions, some of which were really difficult but interesting to answer, like how we imagine things. I think he used the research fantastically well. When I read the book I could see that he had listened to what we had said and put it into his writing.”

Marcus Sedgwick added,

"Of course: I'm delighted to be returning to New College to meet old friends and hopefully make some new ones: working with the students there has been one of the best experiences of my life; after each visit I've come away not feeling sorry for the people I've spoken to, but inspired by them. I couldn't have written She Is Not Invisible without the help of the students; they were vital in making it authentic."

Set in London and Manhattan, ‘She Is Not Invisible’ explores obsessions, trust and coincidence in a page-turning thriller about Laureth’s mission to find her father. The book will also be published simultaneously in hardback, eBook, audio, large print, Daisy and Braille format enabling it to be fully accessible to all readers.

The book has been extremely popular with NCW students and they were delighted to welcome Marcus back to the College and to be able to take part in the launch of the book.

‘She is Not Invisible’ has been selected by RNIB to feature in its ‘Reading Group Challenge’ as part of Read for RNIB Day. People taking part in the challenge will choose from a list of six books which all feature blind and partially sighted characters before discussing the book within their reading group using exclusive questions and discussion notes. Read for RNIB Day, on Friday 11 October, aims to make reading more accessible for blind and partially sighted people.

Marcus says of the simultaneous editions:

'Any idea how few of the tens of thousands of books that are published every year are also published in Braille, for blind and visually impaired readers? Less than 1%. This seems hard to understand in a world where technological advances are revolutionising so many aspects of the book world. And indeed, there are now devices to scan any printed book, and turn it into either synthesised speech or a file that can be loaded into a portable Braille reader. But this is a slow and arduous process and one that is further hampered by changes in the hardware and software involved. Of course, many blind people prefer to 'read' their books in the form of audiobooks, and though more audiobook versions are published than Braille editions, the total number still falls way short of the titles available to the sighted community. I am therefore delighted to be able to say that my new book, She Is Not Invisible, will be available, at the same time as the printed edition, in a Braille edition, and as an audiobook.'

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