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Food presentation skills can be an extremely difficult concept to succeed at for GCSE and A Level Food students who are blind or visually impaired. NCW has recently been working with top Michelin Starred Chef, Patrick McDonald. Pat is currently involved with up and coming young chefs at Green Cow Kitchens in Whitbourne, Worcestershire who came along to NCW to work with the GCSE group to help improve their presentation of food skills. With a few top tips and some easy wins, they showed the group how easy it is to transform an ordinary looking dish into a feast for eyes. The taste buds were also well catered for!

Using moulds, alternative serving vessels and some innovative garnishes, chefs Mickey and James demonstrated how having a toolkit of simple techniques can elevate a dish instantly – whether the chef is able to see the dish or not.

Chef Mickey

The students were amazed by the visit. Here is some of their feedback we sent on to the Chefs after the visit:

“Thank you for coming to the school. I found your visit very helpful and inspirational. I found that the way you presented food helped me think further into food and I feel that in my NEA 2 I may present things like way you did. I will also definitely be making the crème brûlée in my NEA 2 as a pudding. I hope you can come again and please if you are free, come in to be my practical assistant!”


“When the Green Cow Kitchen came to visit, it was a delight learning how to make meals look more aesthetically pleasing to the consumers. I enjoyed watching the techniques of presenting food in a more appealing way, for example rubbing the oil on the slate and then sprinkling salt on it to make it look more exciting. The food they cooked both smelled and tasted delicious and it was an amazing and pleasurable experience”


“I very much enjoyed the visit from the chefs, I tried some new foods that I hadn’t tried before and got some tips for recipes to cook. The chefs explained the details of what they were doing extremely well and I understood what they were saying. The dishes looked absolutely amazing although the Panna cotta was a bit too rich for me! It would be nice if I could have a few tips of what food to cook from the chefs please. Overall it was great to meet them and I hope they come in again.”


“Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to come and teach me new and exciting skills. Here is a list of thing that I enjoyed and found useful.

•I loved the way that you presented the soup, as it brought life to the dish

•I liked the way that you placed the salmon at an angle, and closely together, it looked very appealing to the eye

•I learnt that you can jazz up a plate with just some simple oil

•I loved the concept of taste first, for example butting the potato rosti on top so it would not go soggy

•I appreciated the type of plating that you used as it brought the dark colours to life

As I said when I talked a little about myself, I would like to become a chef or do something in music.

What you showed me really inspired me to look for things in the food industry. Once again thank so much for turning up and demonstrating all the things you did.”


“The chefs were an amazing experience of new tastes and presentations. In the future, it would be good to possibly tour the kitchens to have an experience of a professional kitchen space. Thank you for the opportunity.”


Head of Independent Living Skills Nathalie Bufton was also thrilled about the visit: “It is so inspiring for our students to work with professional chefs like this. They reacted really passionately to the session, and it has been an enlightening for me too. The department is now purchasing a whole new range of equipment for quick and easy presentation wins including slate plates, parfait jars and bamboo boards. We are also now the proud owners of a special type of sieve called a Chinois and a blowtorch! I’m not sure the budget stretches to gold leaf though!”

NCW and Pat McDonald will be working together on various projects over the year.