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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of students you take?

We take students aged 11-19 with a wide range of visual impairments, who are able to access the National Curriculum and progress to study beyond 16. Occasionally students stay at NCW beyond the age of 19 to progress their independent living skills or complete qualifications.

Do you take students with a visual impairment and additional needs?

All of our students have a visual impairment. We do have students with a visual impairment who have additional needs such as hearing impairment, Aspergers Syndrome or Dyslexia. We can also support students who are wheelchair users or have limited mobility.

Do you support students with learning difficulties?

Whilst the College supports some students with specific learning difficulties, it does not have an appropriate curriculum for students with severe learning difficulties. Students at NCW are able to access the National Curriculum and have a wide range of academic ability. Our standard programme for students to follow is the National Curriculum at Key Stage 3, following onto GCSEs and AS/A2 courses. We also offer some entry level and vocational courses in key stage 4 and 5 to meet individual needs of students.

Do you provide 24 hour care?

The care staff ‘sleep in’ in the residential accommodation, but we do not have waking night staff to provide 24 hour care. Our care staff work very closes with the NCW nurses to ensure that medical needs are looked after at all times.

Is there an entry test/requirement?

No, there isn't a test for applying for a place at NCW. However, all prospective students will need to join us for a full assessment so that we can understand their needs and academic ability.

What do students study?

We follow the National Curriculum and offer GCSEs and AS/A-Level courses. Some students in the Sixth Form follow vocational programmes or courses at a local college supported by NCW staff. Students also have Independent Living Skills, ICT and Mobility lessons as part of their timetable. Braille lessons are also provided if required.

Do you have to be residential?

Students can choose to join us as day, weekly or full boarder depending on their need and personal circumstances. Most students are full boarders during term time and this allows us to maximise the opportunities for learning through the whole 'waking day' and use evenings and weekends to reinforce learning, build confidence and ensure social needs are also catered for. The College offers a 38 week placement to students and all students go home during the designated holidays.

How often can students come home?

Students can go home every weekend, and have parents stay at the NCW for the weekend, whenever they wish. We also have an extended ‘home weekend’ every half term for students in Year 7 to 9, so that they can enjoy a full weekend at home.

Do students have to share a room?

For Year 7-12 most students share a room and students in Year 13 are accommodated in a single room when possible. Students can request a single room based on medical needs and we aim to be as accommodating as possible.

What are the classroom sizes?

Average class sizes are 5-6 students per lesson taught by a QTVI (Qualified Teacher of the Visually Impaired) subject specialist.

Who funds the place?

Places are usually funded by the student’s Local Authority although we also accept privately funded students.. Sixth Form places can be funded through the Local Authority or the Education Funding Agency (EFA).

When can I join?

Students can join at any point during the academic year into any year group although many of our students join at Year 7 and Year 11. We would recommend that you apply for a place at the college at least one year before intended entry to allow for the funding process to take place.