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News > Getting to Grips with Precious Metals

Students with jeweller

Jane Darley, a precious metal clay jeweller, visited the College to work with the AS Art Group. She talked to them about her work and demonstrated how to create delicate silver pieces using simple moulds. The students used polymer clays to recreate Jane’s examples, as precious metals work can be rather expensive for experimental pieces! The girls were taught how to make silicon moulds, and how to combine different shapes and textures to create creative jewellery pieces.

“The class were very enthusiastic about the visit and have definitely added to their shopping list for Santa. Jewellery making skills are part of the AS 3D art course. Three of the students are focussing on colour and pattern in their work, one on shoes for fairy tale characters and another on the Greek Sirens so their work is very diverse,” explained Head of Art, Nicola Currie

Jane’s visit to the college was made possible by British Telecom’s Better Futures programme who sponsors volunteers to work with charities and communities. Her transport was funded by a grant from the Bransford Trust who has funded a three year programme at the college to bring in visiting artists. Nicola added,

“One of the difficulties faced by students who are visually impaired is that it is not always possible to get first-hand experience of art and the processes involved in making. It’s been wonderful to have Jane here today so that the students can explore a new avenue in art and design.”