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Gifts in Wills

Writing a Will allows you the opportunity to shape the future and think realistically about the things and people that are important in your life. This could well mean setting money or belongings aside to help family members or leaving a gift to support the work of a charity such as NCW.

A properly drafted Will is a legally binding document and avoids possible misunderstandings or disagreements. This means you will be remembered as you want to be.

Using a Wills and Probate solicitor is the easiest way to make a Will. If you choose to use a Will writer, rather than a solicitor, we recommend you use one who is a member of the Institute of Professional Will Writers (IPW).

What kind of gift do you want to give?

There are several types of gift you could make:

Residuary gift – This is a gift of the remainder of your estate after all other payments have been made and cleared.

Pecuniary gift – This is a gift of a fixed sum of money.

Specific gift – A particular named item such as a piece of jewellery or a painting.

Contingent bequest – This depends upon the occurrence of an event which may or not happen. An example could be a gift to a charity which applies only if other beneficiaries named in the Will die before the person who made the Will.

Contact us with any questions

If you have a question relating to making a Gift in your Will please contact Kevin Hateley on 01905 763933 or via email Kevin Hateley