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News > Hooray for Hugby

NCW Year 9 students have been getting hands on with Worcester Warriors as part of a six week Hugby programme – a form of Rugby for those with visual impairment.

Members of Worcester Warriors are visiting students each week during their PE class to help teach the basics of Hugby.

So far, students have worked on passing, receiving and refining their communication skills to work together effectively!

Mrs Wallcroft, PE Teacher, explained: “One team uses the word ‘Cat’ and the other ‘Dog’ during the game, helping players identify where team mates and opposition are on the pitch.

Students will also be working on attacking and defending where rather than tackle, players hug the opponent with the ball - hence the name of the game!

There are also talks of having a Hugby after school club, from 4-5pm in the college Gym! More information will be shared about this soon.