Inspiring, nurturing and empowering young people with a vision impairment.

International Case Studies

Russian born Ilya came to NCW in 2016, where he joined in Year 7 and continued to sixth form completing his A levels studies in Economics, English Literature and Politics.

He is currently studying for a degree in Politics and International Relations at Warwick University

“In my home country of Latvia, there is very little support for young people who are vision impaired. I attended a regular primary school but didn’t have access to a wide range of information. The UK is far more advanced, and has better specialist education to offer. We decided upon NCW after visiting with family – I loved the diverse culture, the sense of community and what the school could offer both in my academic learning, and independence skills. Although away from family, I feel really mature and independent I am able to travel independently to Latvia in school holidays to visit my family. Because of the skills I have learnt during Mobility and Independent Living classes, I am able to travel independently to see my family."
Year 13
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