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News > Meeting the Tudors!

Years 7 and 12 enjoyed a fabulous History trip to Baddesley Clinton, a Tudor Manor House with a moat and beautiful grounds.

In Elizabethan times it was a Catholic household and the residents were persecuted for their religion. The students got up close and personal with ‘real’ Tudor people, meeting the lady of the house who showed them the kitchen and the priests’ hole under the floor, and the housekeeper who let them try on some clothes. Outside the students played traditional Tudor games, and met a soldier who helped defend the house against the Queen's army – and was narrowly prevented from executing Reanna for being a pacifist and a traitor! Everyone had a go at holding swords and deciding who in the group should be first to have their head chopped off!

It was a wonderful day and no-one got rained on except Charlie, who happened to be sitting under the part of the tent which decided to leak with no warning!