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By Sean Randall - Higher Level Teaching Assistant of IT

Blog published 20th June 2015 | Category: Top Tips

A Look Inside ... Money Reader

Recently our Head of Independent Living Skills published an article called the Top 7 Apps for Visually Impaired Young People. Today, I’d like to take you inside one of those apps, and look at it in more detail.

Looktell Money Reader

Function: Identifies bank notes in speech, Braille and large print

Price: £7.99

Compatibility: iPhone 3gs and UP, iPod 3rd Gen and up, iPad

How it works:

This is an amazingly simple app to use and one of the key ones I use when teaching the iPhone to blind people. As soon as the app is opened, “Money Reader Running" is spoken.

You then simply pick up the phone and point the camera at a bank note, or put the phone face-down and hold the note up to the camera. Give the camera a look at the money and it speaks, brailles and shows in large, high-contrast font on the phone’s screen what bank note you have.

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