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On Thursday 26 September, students at NCW were set a number of bilingual challenges by Mrs Molina, Head of Modern Foreign Languages, as part of European Day of Languages.

The lucky winner would be treated to a delicious French breakfast!

With 10 challenges to complete, students were required to undertake tasks such as greet others in a foreign language, listen to songs, send texts and emails in different languages as well as switch the language of their phone or tablet for an entire day!

Year 9 student Daniel completed all challenges to a high standard (he even provided audio evidence!) and was able to enjoy a French breakfast experience, consisting of Pain au Chocolat, Croissants, Madeleines and Hot Chocolate! Daniel invited fellow student Ciara along to enjoy the experience with him.

Mrs Molina even provided the French music for extra ambiance!

Mrs Molina serving Daniel and Ciara Pain au Chocolat! Mrs Molina making hot chocolate!

Catching up with Daniel on his European victory, he said: “It’s delicious to be a winner!

My favourite challenge was switching my phone to a foreign language for the day – I chose German. It was quite frustrating at times but I really enjoyed the challenge!

I think this was a great experience, and I’d love to continue with languages as I progress through school.”

Bien joué Daniel.