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NCW students have been fortunate enough to be involved in a new and exciting project with Microsoft – Project Torino!

Students experimenting with Code Jumper

Project Torino is a research project created by Microsoft allowing visually impaired young people to learn and practice computer coding in an accessible way.

Our students are lucky enough to have been involved in the beta testing stage and have been experimenting with brightly coloured plastic pods, connecting them together with thick white wires and then adjusting the pod’s buttons and knobs. These physical components will be used to create computer programs that can tell stories, make music and even crack jokes!

All of this has now led on to the development of a new product called Code Jumper – a physical programming language that is designed to be inclusive of children with all ranges of vision.

Year 8 student Daniel has ambitions to pursue a career in computer science and by using Code Jumper was able to write an actual program for the first time! “I just felt very independent and I liked that – I was inspired to do more coding. It was a fun experience!”

Code Jumper is now about to go on sale to schools in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and India with plans to roll it out worldwide over the next five years.

For more information on the product and how we were involved, please visit: