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On Friday 17 May, we welcomed Worcester Warriors rugby playing giant, Darren Barry, to New College Worcester!

On arrival, Darren was whisked off to the Dining Room where students were tucking in to their lunch. Here he was able to sample some of the ‘power’ foods CH&Co, college caterers, had prepared – focusing on different pulses such as beans and lentils as a healthy, wholesome meal.

Darren with school caterers, Host

Over lunch, students Tom and Charlotte were delighted to have a chat with Darren about his rugby success and how it all started for him.

From there, Darren and a group of Year 9 students made their way to the front lawn where Mrs Price, Head of PE, was coordinating a few games of Hugby – an adapted and inclusive version of Rugby.

Darren passing the ball to Year 9 student

As something he had not played before, Darren was quickly immersed in Hugby and showing his ball skills. After a swap around, it was then the turn of some of our Sixth Formers.

Darren with Sixth Formers

Darren took the time to answer any questions, and spoke to students about his routine, training and the importance of nutrition – some students of which were surprised to learn that McDonalds and KFC were off the menu for a rugby player!