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Ofsted Report for Education 2022

NCW Ofsted Education Inspection April 2022

Statement – 30 June 2022

At the end of April, the education provision at NCW was inspected by Ofsted. This early inspection was triggered by a previous inspection by Ofsted of the Residential Care provision, where it was identified that work was required in order to be good. In particular, work was required relating to paperwork and processes pertaining to the safeguarding of students.

An action plan was immediately formulated following the Residential Care Inspection and work already in progress to rectify shortcomings. However, between inspections, insufficient time had yet elapsed for the sustainable impact of the work to be evidenced.

Inevitably, while the Ofsted Education inspection found that the quality of education is good, behaviour and attitudes are good, personal development is good and the sixth-form provision is good, due to insufficient evidence of the long-term impact of the action plan it was reported that leadership and management remains inadequate.

Whilst this is obviously disappointing, we are delighted that all other areas of the inspection were reported consistently as good. The inspectors noted the impressive range of opportunities available to students, the curriculum is ambitious and academic expectations are high.

We are confident that as the results of the action plan become evident, a return visit will find all areas to be at least good.

Ofsted Report

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